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Cell Signaling Technology, Inc. Announces Continued Collaboration with AstraZeneca to Provide CST’s PhosphoScan® Platform for Kinase Inhibitor Proteomic Profiling

Danvers, MA, February 12, 2008 – Cell Signaling Technology, Inc. (CST) announced today a fourth agreement with AstraZeneca under which it will continue to perform CST’s PhosphoScan® technology to identify phosphorylation profiles and prospective biomarkers of kinase targeted lead compounds. CST’s PhosphoScan® proteomics technology is a patented methodology that enables the discovery of drug target phospho-profiles (PhosphoSignatures™) in cells and disease tissues. In the current research project, PhosphoScan® will be employed to validate phosphorylation site biomarkers on target kinases for antibody development, which is being pursued under a parallel research alliance between CST and AstraZeneca. PhosphoScan® proteomics is a well-utilized strategy for broad profiling of phosphorylation in cells and tissues. Quantification of compound-mediated changes in PhosphoSignatures™ may inform decisions about optimal phospho-epitope biomarkers of kinase target inhibition. PhosphoScan® profiling involves immunoaffinity purification and tandem mass spectroscopy and its effectiveness in kinase target and biomarker discovery in cancer was illustrated most recently in the journal Cell (Rikova K. et al, Cell 131, 1190-1203 (2007)).

“AstraZeneca, having many kinase inhibitor programs for cancer therapy, has been a great partner for CST. We aim to provide AstraZeneca with valuable information based on PhosphoScan® discovery and then translate that information into biomarker assays with our proprietary antibody technology,” said Christopher Bunker, CST’s Director of Pharma Services. Dr. Bunker added, “CST has enabled AstraZeneca to tap into the wealth of PhosphoScan® profiles that we have generated in our internal cancer research; our cancer cell PhosphoSignatures™ are enabling our partners to design well informed PhosphoScan® studies of their lead compounds, as well as adding to the validation of phospho-epitopes for biomarker assays.”

About Cell Signaling Technology, Inc.

Cell Signaling Technology, Inc. has expertise and the market leadership position in the development and commercialization of phospho-specific antibodies and assays for kinase and pathway analysis. CST’s phospho-specific antibodies are validated in multiple assay platforms and are critical reagents in all stages of pharmaceutical drug discovery and development. PhosphoScan® profiling leverages CST’s core capability in kinase research biology and antibody development, and it is a strategy by which to discover cellular phosphorylation profiles that may enable more efficient and informative kinase drug development. CST is commercializing the PhosphoScan® technology through research alliances and contract service. Information on CST can be obtained at the Company’s website at