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Cell Signaling Technology, Inc. Develops Novel Monoclonal Antibody Discovery Platform

Danvers, MA, May 10, 2012 – Cell Signaling Technology, Inc. (CST) of Danvers, MA is pleased to announce the development of a new discovery platform for antigen-specific monoclonal antibodies. This novel antibody discovery technology, named NG-XMT™, harnesses the power of proteomics to identify and clone antigen?specific monoclonal antibodies directly from the circulating serum of an immunized animal. As described in the May print issue of Nature Biotechnology [30, 447 – 452 (2012)], NG-XMT™ technology enables the isolation of monoclonal antibodies with antigen-specific activities that recapitulate or surpass those of the original affinity-purified polyclonal antibodies found in the sera of immunized rabbits and mice.

“Our NG-XMT™ proteomics-based technology is faster and more efficient than traditional hybridoma-based methods,” said Roberto D. Polakiewicz, Ph.D., CST Chief Scientific Officer. “Moreover, our proprietary and patent pending technology can be applied to the development of therapeutically relevant human monoclonal antibodies for vaccine development and for understanding basic questions in immunology. CST has long been an industry leader in the development and manufacture of high performance antibodies for basic and clinical research, and we are excited to announce this breakthrough in monoclonal antibody technology.”

“NG-XMT™ technology is ready for commercialization,” said Fenel M. Eloi, CST Chief Operating Officer. “CST is exploring all avenues to bring this technology to market and to impact patients’ lives.”

About Cell Signaling Technology, Inc.

Cell Signaling Technology, Inc. is dedicated to delivering the world’s highest quality research, diagnostic and therapeutic products to accelerate biological understanding and enable personalized medicine. Through its proprietary monoclonal antibody technologies and PTMScan® proteomics technology, CST continues to be at the forefront of applied systems biology research, promoting greater understanding of biochemical aberrations that underlie important diseases, including cancer. CST has made significant discoveries in cancer research through its internal research group, and from this has built an intellectual property portfolio around biomarkers relevant to non-small cell lung cancer.

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Matt Schiller
Cell Signaling Technology, Inc.
Head of Licensing
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For scientific information, please contact:

Roberto D. Polakiewicz, Ph.D.
Cell Signaling Technology, Inc.
Chief Scientific Officer
phone: +1-978-867-2369
email: [email protected]