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Cell Signaling Technology (CST) Drives Sustainability in the Life Sciences Through My Green Lab Sponsorship

Danvers, MA, USA, April 11, 2023

Cell Signaling Technology (CST), a company providing advanced solutions to enable life science discovery and research, today announced its sponsorship of My Green Lab, a non-profit organization with a mission to build a global culture of sustainability in science.

CST has set an ambitious climate goal to achieve net-zero emissions by 2029, the company's 30th anniversary, in addition to waste diversion and water conservation goals. As part of the collaboration with My Green Lab, CST will be piloting the My Green Lab Certification, the international gold standard for laboratory sustainability, at the company's US facilities, as well as the ACT Environmental Impact Factor Label for its products. Utilizing tools such as the My Green Lab Certification and ACT Label will not only help CST lower its environmental footprint but will increase the best practice sharing that is necessary to create positive change for future generations. CST hopes to inspire Customers and industry peers to get engaged and join the movement for more sustainable practices in science. Collectively making combined, conscious actions and sharing solutions will add up to a larger sustainability impact and a healthy, more diverse global community.

"Bringing attention to, and supporting, the ecosystem of nonprofit organizations that are focused on advancing sustainability in the lab is essential to magnifying our efforts and increasing the impact we can have as an individual company,” said Anthony Michetti, Director of Sustainability at CST. "Our partnership with My Green Lab will enable our scientists and products to be more sustainable, and support programming to help others do the same.”

In 2022, CST became the first life science business member of 1% for the Planet, promising to commit at least 1% of its total annual revenue to a network of nonprofit organizations tackling the world's most pressing environmental issues. Through this commitment, CST is demonstrating what it truly means to be a life science company committed to sustainability and is helping to grow 1% for the Planet's network of nonprofit organizations driving sustainability in research. After nomination by CST, My Green Lab has been added to 1% for the Planet's nonprofit network as an environmental partner.

"My Green Lab is thrilled to collaborate with Cell Signaling Technology to build a global culture of sustainability in science,” said James Connelly, CEO, My Green Lab. "Through our joint efforts, we hope to inspire more sustainable practices in the life sciences and set new standards for laboratory sustainability. Together, we can inspire others to join our movement towards a more sustainable future.”

This partnership will engage scientists in the conversations and behavior changes that are necessary to advance sustainability in the lab. Developing and advancing a culture of sustainability at the bench and sharing best practices will help address the many challenges of conducting research and science sustainably, such as managing single-use plastic, water conservation, green chemistry, and decarbonization. All of these actions, both corporate and individual, are needed urgently by our planet today.

Since its founding, CST has been passionate about sustainability. Now, more than ever, sustainable solutions are needed to combat climate change and improve planetary health. The life science industry does a lot of good, but is resource-intensive. CST is committed to providing the best research tools and solutions available, and to do so in the most sustainable way possible.

About My Green Lab®

My Green Lab is a non-profit environmental organization with a mission to build a global culture of sustainability in science. The organization is the world leader in developing internationally recognized sustainability standards for laboratories and laboratory products, bringing sustainability to the community responsible for the world's life-changing medical and technical innovations. Laboratories are one of the most resource-intensive spaces in any industry, but they don't have to be. By introducing both a new perspective and proven best practices within a carefully crafted framework, My Green Lab has inspired tens of thousands of scientists to make a positive change in their labs by reducing the environmental impact of their work.

About Cell Signaling Technology

Cell Signaling Technology (CST) is a different kind of life science company—one founded, owned, and run by active research scientists, with the highest standards of product and service quality, technological innovation, and scientific rigor. Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Danvers, Massachusetts, USA, CST employs over 600 people worldwide. We consistently provide fellow scientists around the globe with best-in-class products and services to fuel their quests for discovery. CST is a company of caring people driven by a devotion to facilitating good science—a company committed to doing the right thing for our Customers, our communities, and our planet.

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