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DRAQ7™ #7406


Flow Cytometry

Flow cytometric analysis of live Jurkat cells treated with Staurosporine #9953. Gated population represents DRAQ7™-positive apoptotic cells.

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  • Exλmax599/644 nm
  • Emλmax678/694 nm
  • DRAQ7™ may be excited by a wide range of wavelengths from 488-647 nm. Despite low absorbance at 488 nm, this excitation source allows for convenient combination with FITC and PE conjugates as well as EGFP.

Flow Cytometry: Prepare cells for DRAQ7™ staining by resuspending cells in PBS at a concentration of no more than 5 x 105 cells/ml. For each 0.5 ml of cell suspension, dilute DRAQ7™ 1:100 by adding 5 μl to suspended cells, achieving a final concetration of 3 μM. Gently mix and incubate for 10 minutes on ice. Cells should be analyzed directly in the presence of DRAQ7™.


DRAQ7™ is provided as a 0.3 mM stock.


Store at 4°C, protected from light. Do not freeze.

DRAQ7™ is a far-red fluorescent DNA dye that only stains the nuclei in dead and permeabilized cells. It can be used in combination with GFP, FITC, and PE labels.

For Research Use Only. Not For Use In Diagnostic Procedures.

Cell Signaling Technology is a trademark of Cell Signaling Technology, Inc.
DRAQ7 is a trademark of Biostatus Limited.

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