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SignalStain® Mounting Medium II
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SignalStain® Mounting Medium II #84583

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Product Usage Information

Important: Wear personal protective equipment. Ensure adequate ventilation. Do not handle until all safety precautions have been read and understood. Liquid and vapor is highly flammable.

Safety Information: This product contains toluene which is suspected of damaging fertility or the unborn child if inhaled. Avoid contact during pregnancy and while nursing. See Safety Data Sheet (SDS).
1. After dehydration and clearing of samples on a slide, apply a small amount of SignalStain® Mounting Medium II either on or near the section using a pipette. When the coverslip is applied, the medium will spread evenly across the coverslipped area.

2. Please allow the preparation to dry completely. Drying may take several hours when left on the lab bench, however, this process can be accelerated by incubating the slides for 15–30 min at 60ºC to 75ºC. Please ensure the slides have cooled before storage.


SignalStain® Mounting Medium II should be stored at room temperature and is stable for 12 months. Keep container tightly sealed when not in use. Slight cloudiness may appear, however, this will have no adverse effects.

Product Description

SignalStain® Mounting Medium II is for use in immunohistochemical assays. This product permanently preserves tissue or cell preparations and produces clear mounted sections, free from crystallization, with the ideal refractive index for high-resolution oil immersion microscopy.

SignalStain® Mounting Medium II retains the staining intensity of slides prepared with the following substrate kits:
SignalStain® DAB Substrate Kit #8059
SignalStain® Vibrant Red Alkaline Phosphatase Substrate Kit #76713
SignalStain® Vivid Purple Peroxidase Substrate Kit #96632
SignalStain® Deep Black Peroxidase Substrate Kit #72986

If permanent mounting of incompatible substrate kits is desired (e.g., SignalStain® Radiant Yellow Peroxidase Substrate Kit #69644 or SignalStain® Ultra Blue Alkaline Phosphatase Substrate Kit #12824), SignalStain® Mounting Prep Solution #50815 can be used after counterstaining to enable mounting with non-aqueous mounting medium, SignalStain® Mounting Medium II.

Follow the usage instructions on the appropriate substrate kit product page prior to coverslipping.

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For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.
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