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SignalKine™ Human IL-8 Chemiluminescent Sandwich ELISA Kit

SignalKine™ Human IL-8 Chemiluminescent Sandwich ELISA Kit #7921

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Figure1. Supernatants from PBMCs, untreated or treated with PHA (10 µg/ml), were removed after 1 and 5 d. hIL-8 levels in the supernatants were quantified using SignalKine™ Human IL-8 Chemiluminescent Sandwich ELISA Kit.

Typical Data. Represented here are hIL-8 Standard Curves, one diluted in SignalKine™ Sample Diluent S01, a second diluted in SignalKine™ Sample Diluent S03 and a third in cell culture media (RPMI + 10% FBS). Although these are typical of the standard curves that will be generated using this kit, a new set of standards should be run for each new experiment.

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Application Key:

  • W-Western
  • IP-Immunoprecipitation
  • IHC-Immunohistochemistry
  • ChIP-Chromatin Immunoprecipitation
  • IF-Immunofluorescence
  • F-Flow Cytometry
  • E-P-ELISA-Peptide

Species Cross-Reactivity Key:

  • H-Human
  • M-Mouse
  • R-Rat
  • Hm-Hamster
  • Mk-Monkey
  • Mi-Mink
  • C-Chicken
  • Dm-D. melanogaster
  • X-Xenopus
  • Z-Zebrafish
  • B-Bovine
  • Dg-Dog
  • Pg-Pig
  • Sc-S. cerevisiae
  • Ce-C. elegans
  • Hr-Horse
  • All-All Species Expected

Product Description

SignalKine™ Human IL-8 Chemiluminescent Sandwich ELISA Kit from Cell Signaling Technology (CST) is a solid phase sandwich enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) that detects human IL-8 (hIL-8) in multiple matrices. Unknown samples being tested for hIL-8 and hIL-8 standards are added to low volume microwells, where the hIL-8 is captured by the coated hIL-8 Rabbit mAb. Following a washing step, a biotinylated hIL-8 Detection Rabbit mAb is added to detect the captured hIL-8. HRP-linked Streptavidin is then used for detection of the biotinylated hIL-8 Detection Rabbit mAb. A chemiluminescent reagent is added for signal development. The magnitude of light emission, measured in relative light units (RLU) is proportional to the quantity of human hIL-8 in the sample.

SignalKine™ Human IL-8 Chemiluminescent Sandwich ELISA Kit detects hIL-8 in multiple matrices that can be quantified by generating a standard curve with the recombinant hIL-8 protein standard provided. The hIL-8 standard range is from 13.7 to 10,000 pg/ml. Samples containing higher levels of hIL-8 can be diluted to fit into the standards range.

Specificity / Sensitivity

Species Reactivity:



IL-8 is the prototypical CXC chemokine. It is best known for effects on neutrophils, specifically its ability to act as a chemoattractant and activate degranulation and respiratory burst (1-3). IL-8 is produced by a number of cell types, including monocytes, T cells, neutrophils, fibroblasts, endothelial cells, and others (1). In addition to its effects on neutrophils, IL-8 promotes angiogenesis, inhibits endothelial cell apoptosis, and promotes the proliferation of melanoma cells in an autocrine fashion (1). As a result, IL-8 may be a contributing factor to the development of certain cancers (1,2). There are two distinct G protein-coupled receptors for IL-8, CXCR1 and CXCR2 (1). Ligand binding induces Ca2+ mobilization and activates the PI3K, PKC, Rho, and Rac pathways (1,3).

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