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Product Includes Quantity Applications Reactivity MW(kDa) Isotype
Caveolin-1 (D46G3) XP® Rabbit mAb 3267 20 µl
Western Blotting Immunoprecipitation Immunohistochemistry Immunofluorescence Flow Cytometry
H M R Hm Mk B Dg 21, 24 Rabbit IgG
Clathrin Heavy Chain (D3C6) XP® Rabbit mAb 4796 20 µl
Western Blotting Immunoprecipitation Immunofluorescence
H M R Mk 190 Rabbit IgG
EEA1 (C45B10) Rabbit mAb 3288 20 µl
Western Blotting Immunoprecipitation Immunofluorescence
H M R 170 Rabbit IgG
Rab5 (C8B1) Rabbit mAb 3547 20 µl
Western Blotting Immunofluorescence
H M R Mk 25 Rabbit IgG
Rab7 (D95F2) XP® Rabbit mAb 9367 20 µl
Western Blotting Immunoprecipitation Immunofluorescence
H M R Mk 23 Rabbit IgG
Rab11 (D4F5) XP® Rabbit mAb 5589 20 µl
Western Blotting Immunoprecipitation Immunofluorescence
H M R Mk 25 Rabbit IgG
Anti-rabbit IgG, HRP-linked Antibody 7074 100 µl
Western Blotting

Product Description

The Endosomal Marker Antibody Sampler Kit provides an economical means of distinguishing endosomes in the early, late, and recycling phases. The kit includes enough antibody to perform two western blot experiments with each primary antibody.

Specificity / Sensitivity

Each antibody will detect endogenous total levels of their target protein. The antibodies do not cross-react with other isoforms, with the exception of the Rab11 (D4F5) XP® Rabbit mAb which will detect both Rab11a and Rab11b.

Source / Purification

Monoclonal antibody is produced by immunizing animals with a synthetic peptide corresponding to residues surrounding Glu20 of human caveolin-1, Pro1663 of human clathrin heavy chain protein, Ser70 of human EEA1 protein, Gly190 of human Rab5A protein, Glu188 of human Rab7 protein, and near the amino terminus of human Rab11 protein.

Endosomes are formed by the invagination of the plasma membrane to form vesicles in an effort to recycle components of the cell (1). Endosomes can be coated in clathrin when vesicles form at clathrin-coated pits (2). Caveolins are 21-24 kDa integral proteins that interact with cholesterol and are the main structural components of the cholesterol/sphingolipid-enriched plasma membrane caveolae (3). Each stage of endosome maturation is marked by a unique set of proteins. EEA1 is an early endosome marker that is essential for membrane fusion and trafficking (4). Members of the ras superfamily of small Rab GTPases, specifically Rab5, Rab7, and Rab11 are markers of the early, late and recycling endosomes (5).

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Entrez-Gene Id 857 , 1213 , 8411 , 8766 , 9230 , 5868 , 7879
Swiss-Prot Acc. Q03135 , Q00610 , Q15075 , P62491 , Q15907 , P20339 , P51149

For Research Use Only. Not For Use In Diagnostic Procedures.
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Endosomal Marker Antibody Sampler Kit