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Product Includes Quantity Applications Reactivity MW(kDa) Isotype
Phospho-MAPKAPK-2 (Thr334) (27B7) Rabbit mAb 3007 20 µl
Western Blotting
H M R Mk 49 Rabbit IgG
Phospho-MAPKAPK-2 (Thr222) (9A7) Rabbit mAb 3316 20 µl
Western Blotting
H M R Mk 49 Rabbit IgG
MAPKAPK-2 (D1E11) Rabbit mAb 12155 20 µl
Western Blotting Immunoprecipitation
H M R Mk B Pg 47, 49 (Phosphorylated) Rabbit IgG
Anti-rabbit IgG, HRP-linked Antibody 7074 100 µl
Western Blotting

Product Usage Information

Product Description

The MAPKAPK-2 Antibody Sampler Kit provides an economical means of evaluating levels of MAPKAPK-2 protein phosphorylated at specific sites, as well as total MAPKAPK-2 protein levels. The kit contains enough primary and secondary antibodies to perform two Western blot experiments.

Specificity / Sensitivity

Each antibody in the MAPKAPK-2 Antibody Sampler Kit detects endogenous levels of its target protein. Activation state antibodies detect only target proteins phosphorylated at indicated residues. MAPKAPK-2 (D1E11) Rabbit mAb is not known to cross-react with other MAPKAPK proteins.

Source / Purification

Monoclonal antibodies are produced by immunizing animals with synthetic phosphopeptides corresponding to residues surrounding Thr222 and Thr334 of human MAPKAPK-2 and nonphospho peptides corresponding to residues surrounding Pro381 of human MAPKAPK-2 protein..

In response to cytokines, stress, and chemotactic factors, MAP kinase-activated protein kinase 2 (MAPKAPK-2) is rapidly phosphorylated and activated. It has been shown that MAPKAPK-2 is a direct target of p38 MAPK (1). Multiple residues of MAPKAPK-2 are phosphorylated in vivo in response to stress. However, only four residues (Thr25, Thr222, Ser272, and Thr334) are phosphorylated by p38 MAPK in an in vitro kinase assay (2). Phosphorylation at Thr222, Ser272, and Thr334 appears to be essential for the activity of MAPKAPK-2 (2). Thr25 is phosphorylated by p42 MAPK in vitro, but is not required for the activation of MAPKAPK-2 (2).

1.  Rouse, J. et al. (1994) Cell 78, 1027-37.

2.  Ben-Levy, R. et al. (1995) EMBO J 14, 5920-30.

Entrez-Gene Id 9261
Swiss-Prot Acc. P49137

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MAPKAPK-2 Antibody Sampler Kit