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Product Includes Quantity Applications Reactivity MW(kDa) Isotype
METTL3 (D2I6O) Rabbit mAb 96391 20 µl
Western Blotting Immunoprecipitation
H M R Mk 70 Rabbit IgG
METTL14 (D8K8W) Rabbit mAb 51104 20 µl
Western Blotting
H M R Mk 65 Rabbit IgG
Virilizer (D4N8B) Rabbit mAb 88358 20 µl
Western Blotting Immunoprecipitation Chromatin Immunoprecipitation
H M R Mk 210 Rabbit IgG
WTAP Antibody 56501 20 µl
Western Blotting Immunoprecipitation
H M R Mk 55 Rabbit 
Anti-rabbit IgG, HRP-linked Antibody 7074 100 µl
Western Blotting

Product Description

The N6-mA Methyltransferase Antibody Sampler Kit provides an economical means of detecting N6-mA methyltransfearse proteins using control antibodies against METTL3, METTL14, WTAP, and Virilizer. The kit contains enough primary antibodies to perform at least two western blot experiments.

Specificity / Sensitivity

Each antibody in the N6-mA Methyltransferase Antibody Sampler Kit detects endogenous levels of its target protein.

Source / Purification

METTL14, METTL3, and Virilizer monoclonal antibodies are produced by immunizing animals with synthetic peptides corresponding to residues surrounding Leu297 of human METTL3 protein, Pro130 of human METTL14 protein, and Pro229 of human Virilizer protein. The WTAP polyclonal antibody is produced by immunizing animals with a synthetic peptide corresponding to residues near the carboxy terminus of human WTAP protein. Polyclonal antibodies are purified by protein A and peptide affinity chromatography.

Methyltransferase-like protein 3 (METTL3) and methytransferase-like protein 14 (METTL14) are the two catalytic subunits of an N6-methyltransferase complex that methylates adenosine residues in RNA (1). Methylation of adenosine residues regulates mRNA splicing, processing, translation efficiency, editing and stability, in addition to regulating primary miRNA processing, and is critical for proper regulation of the circadian clock, embryonic stem cell self-renewal, immune tolerance, response to various stimuli, meiosis and mouse fertility (2,3). In this complex, METTL3 functions as the catalytic methyltransferase subunit and METTL14 functions as the target recognition subunit by binding to RNA (4). In addition, the Wilms tumor 1-associated protein (WTAP) functions as a regulatory subunit and is required for accumulation of the complex to nuclear speckles, which are sites of RNA processing (5). Several studies suggest a role for this complex in cancer. METTL3 expression is elevated in lung adenocarcinoma where it promotes growth, survival and invasion of human lung cancer cells (6). In addition, WTAP is over-expressed in a number of different cancers and positively regulates cell migration and invasion in glioblastoma and cholangiocarcinoma (7,8).

Virilizer is an additional protein subunit of the METTL3/METTL14 N6-methyltransferase complex and is required for methyltransferase activity (9). As part of the WTAP complex, Virilizer functions to regulate sex determination in Drosophila melanogaster through splicing of Sex-lethal (Sxl) mRNA transcripts (10,11).

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Entrez-Gene Id 57721 , 56339 , 25962 , 9589
Swiss-Prot Acc. Q9HCE5 , Q86U44 , Q69YN4 , Q15007

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N6-mA Methyltransferase Antibody Sampler Kit