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Ammonium Bicarbonate, 1M in HPLC-Grade Water
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Ammonium Bicarbonate, 1M in HPLC-Grade Water #78450

Ammonium bicarbonate buffer is supplied as a one molar (1M) concentrated stock in HPLC grade water. This buffer is recommended for use in PTMScan protocols for LC-MS applications during the digestion procedures.

1M Ammonium bicarbonate buffer in HPLC water is provided for use with Cell Signaling Technology's patented PTMScan® protocol. Secondary trypsin digestion of enriched LysC or Methylated peptides is recommended for all absophillic and methylation-specific motif antibodies. Use this 1M ammonium bicarbonate (20X) stock to prepare the final digestion buffer of 50mM ammonium bicarbonate with 5% acetonitrile. Consult the specific PTMScan® kit and protocol for more details on the appropriate protease before digesting any protein samples.


Aliquoted buffer can be stored at -80°C for long-term storage for 12 months.

For Research Use Only. Not For Use In Diagnostic Procedures.

Cell Signaling Technology is a trademark of Cell Signaling Technology, Inc.
PTMScan is a trademark of Cell Signaling Technology, Inc.

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