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Custom ELISA Kits and Matched Antibody Pairs

Custom ELISA Kits and Matched Antibody Pairs



CST has a wide range of ELISA kits and matched antibody pairs to choose from, but can also custom-build ELISA products to match your specific project requirements. You can reserve a lot in advance, or set up scheduled shipments for all our custom ELISA products.

Custom-Matched Antibody Pairs

  • Order the validated pairs from our sandwich ELISA kits separately for use with higher throughput immunoassays.
  • Antibody pairs are carrier-free, formulated at high concentrations, and conjugation-ready for your assay and platform.

Bulk Orders, Lot Reservations, and Custom Packaging

  • Reserve the same ELISA kit or antibody pair lot for the full duration of your project, or have a lot custom-made for you.
  • Customize reagent volumes from our catalog ELISA kits to match requirements for your high-throughput assays.
  • Group multiples of kits to reduce packaging and plastic and save storage space in the lab.

Kit Customization

  • Miniaturize 96-well format ELISA kits to 384-well plate format to minimize sample and buffer usage and maximize data points per experiment.
  • Standard colorimetric ELISA kits can be modified for chemiluminescent platforms and use with low-volume microplates for assays where greater sensitivity, wider dynamic range, or smaller sample volumes are needed.

Early Access

  • Jumpstart your program with access to newly identified pairs or kits in the development pipeline prior to their release.

Custom-matched antibody pairs ship in 2-3 business days, customized kits and bulk kit packaging ship in 2-3 weeks.

Request a Custom ELISA Kit or Matched Antibody Pair

If you'd like a custom ELISA kit or matched antibody pair, please fill out the form below and we'll contact you soon.