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How Does PTMScan® Direct Proteomic Service Work?

PTMScan® Direct is a proprietary method developed at Cell Signaling Technology (CST) that enables researchers to isolate a large number of phosphorylated or unmodified peptides from specific, critical signaling proteins, to provide a qualitative and quantitative overview of the targeted proteins in cell and tissue samples.

PTMScan® Direct Services employ CST proprietary antibody reagents for peptide immunoaffinity purification (IAP) combined with LC tandem MS (LC-MS/MS) to identify and quantify changes in peptide abundance among a set of biological samples and is intended as a targeted-mode proteomics screening technology for research and development. PTMScan® Direct offers the advantage of knowing the endpoints of the assay to focus studies on critical signaling nodes.

PTMScan® Direct Development will be available for development and validation to incorporate additional protein-sites that a customer may request for their particular project.

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