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Motif Antibodies for PTMScan® Discovery Services

Cell Signaling Technology developed Motif Antibodies to enable focused analysis of regulatory post-translational modifications (PTMs). We use these in the form of custom PTMScan License/IAP Bead Products in our PTMScan Discovery Services, and we provide these products with a Per-Use License to enable our customers to perform PTMScan proteomics in-house.

Whether your research objective is to understand specific serine/threonine kinase families or kinome branches, global tyrosine phosphorylation, protein acetylation, or ubiquitin-mediated signaling, our PTMScan Discovery Services and PTMScan License/IAP Beads products provide powerful tools for in-depth proteomic analysis of regulatory PTMs.

PTMScan – PhosphoScan®, UbiScan®, AcetylScan® – is the most effective strategy for PTM proteomics, and our PTMScan License/IAP Bead products (see below) are custom, optimized reagents for immunoaffinity purification (IAP) of serine/threonine and tyrosine phosphopeptides, acetylated peptides and ubiquitin-tagged peptides. PTMScan is a method that combines Motif Antibody-based IAP and tandem mass spectrometry to generate focused and quantitative results about proteins on which PTMs perform key regulatory functions. It is the PTM-specificity of our Motif Antibodies that makes PTMScan Discovery Services and Per-Use Licensing of PTMScan License/IAP Bead products the standards for proteomic analysis of regulatory signaling.

For each of the motif antibodies listed in the table below, a RAW LC-MS/MS data file is provided. The LC-MS/MS data file was generated using a Thermo Orbitrap (Velos or Elite) mass spectrometer. In addition, a result table (in excel format) is accompanied with each RAW data file generated from the corresponding motif antibody enrichment of mouse liver peptides. The peptide/protein assignments in the accompanying excel table were produced using SEQUEST. The sample description for each data set is provided in the header of the results table.

Description Antibody Kit Consenus Site LCMS Data & Output Results
Description Antibody Kit Consenus Site LCMS Data & Output Results
Phospho-Akt Substrate 9614 5561 RXX(S*/T*) Mouse Liver  |  XLS  |  RAW  |  PDF
Phospho-Akt Substrate 10001 5563 RXRXX(S*/T*) Mouse Liver  |  XLS  |  RAW  |  PDF
Phospho-(Ser/Thr) AMPK Substrate 5759 5564 (L/M)XRXX(S*/T*), RXX(S*/T*) Mouse Liver  |  XLS  |  RAW  |  PDF
Phospho-(Ser) ATM/ATR Substrate 9607 12267 S*Q Mouse Liver  |  XLS  |  RAW
Phospho-(Ser/Thr) ATM/ATR Substrate 6966 12267 (S*/T*)QG, (S*/T*)Q Mouse Liver  |  XLS  |  RAW
Phospho-(Ser) CDKs Substrate 9477   (K/H)S*P  
Phospho-(Ser/Thr) CK II Substrate 8738 12170 (S*/T*)DXE Mouse Liver  |  PDF
Phospho-MAPK/CDK Substrates 2325 4652 PXS*P, S*PX(K/R) Mouse Liver  |  XLS  |  RAW  |  PDF
Phospho-(Ser/Thr) PDK1 Docking Motif 9634   (F/K)XX(F/Y)(S*/T*)(F/Y) Mouse Liver  |  XLS  |  RAW
Phospho-PKA Substrate 9624 5565 (K/R)(K/R)X(S*/T*) Mouse Liver  |  XLS  |  RAW  |  PDF
Phospho-(Ser) PKC Substrate 6967   (K/R)XS*X(K/R) Mouse Liver  |  XLS  |  RAW
Phospho-(Thr) PLK Binding Motif 5243 5566 ST*P Mouse Liver  |  XLS  |  RAW  |  PDF
Phospho-Thr-Pro Motif 3003   T*P, T*PP Mouse Liver  |  XLS  |  RAW
Phospho-Thr-Pro-Glu Motif 3004   T*PE, T*P Mouse Liver  |  XLS  |  RAW  |  PDF
Phospho-Thr-X-Arg Motif 2351   T*X(K/R) Mouse Liver  |  XLS  |  RAW  |  PDF
Description Antibody Kit Consenus Site LCMS Data & Output Results
Phospho-Tyrosine (P-Tyr-100) 9411 5636 Y* Mouse Brain  |  XLS  |  RAW  |  PDF
Phospho-Tyrosine (P-Tyr-1000) 8954 8803 Y* Mouse Brain  |  XLS  |  RAW
Description Antibody Kit Consenus Site LCMS Data & Output Results
Acetylated-Lysine 9814 13416 Ac-K Mouse Liver  |  XLS  |  RAW
Description Antibody Kit Consenus Site LCMS Data & Output Results
Cleaved Caspase Substrate 8698 12810 DE(T/S/A)D  
Description Antibody Kit Consenus Site LCMS Data & Output Results
Mono-Methylated-Arginine 8015, 8711 12235 Me-R and Me-RGG Mouse Embryo  |  XLS  |  RAW  |  PDF
Di-Methyl Arginine 13522 13474 [R]  
Di-Methyl Arginine 13222 13563 [RG]  
Description Antibody Kit Consenus Site LCMS Data & Output Results
Ubiquitin Branch 3925 5562 K-ε-GG Mouse Liver  |  XLS  |  RAW  |  PDF