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Reference Table Resources

These tables contain useful compilations of cancer-associated proteins and mutations, protein binding partners, protein modification enzymes and substrates, and related information.

Histone Modification Table

Provides a referenced list of many known histone modifications, associated modifying enzymes, and proposed functions.

Human Oncogenes & Tumor Suppressor Genes

Enumerates known oncogenes and tumor suppressors, with corresponding genetic alterations and cellular effects.

Jak/Stat Utilization Table

Tabulates the combinatorial use of tyrosine kinases and Stat proteins in cytokine/growth factor signaling.

Jak and Cytokine Receptor Mutants in Cancer

Jak and cytokine receptor mutations found in various cancers.

Kinase-Disease Associations

Lists kinases associated with disease, and the molecular basis of these associations.

PI3K / Akt Substrate Table

Provides a referenced list of demonstrated downstream targets of Akt phosphorylation, along with the relevant phosphorylation site, and effect of phosphorylation.

PI3K / Akt Binding Table

Outlines the Akt binding proteins, along with the effect of this interaction on Akt activity.

Ubiquitin Ligase Table

Provides a list of E3 ubiquitin ligases, along with their substrates (when known), and corresponding references.