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Santa Cruz discontinued a large number of its polyclonal products as a result of the USDA settlement that was made public May 19th 2016

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Product Usage Information

Place tubes containing magnetic beads in the Magnetic Separation Rack, wait 1 to 2 minutes for the solution to clear, and then carefully remove supernatant. Remove the tubes from the Magnetic Separation Rack, add new solution, and resuspend the beads by gently vortexing or rocking the tube.

Storage: Store at room temperature

Product Description

The 12-Tube Magnetic Separation Rack is designed for quick and easy small-scale isolation of immunocomplexes using magnetic beads, such as our Protein A (#8687), Protein G (#8740), and ChIP-Grade Protein G (#9006) Magnetic Beads. It can be used with our SimpleChIP® (#9003) and SimpleChIP® Plus (#9005) Enzymatic Chromatin IP Kits. The rack holds up to twelve 1.5-2.0 ml tubes and contains six neodymium rare earth permanent magnets.

CAUTION: This device contains rare earth magnets that can be extremely powerful. Care should be taken when handling. Keep magnetized parts away from mechanical/electrical instruments that may be damaged by high magnetic fields.

For Research Use Only. Not For Use In Diagnostic Procedures.
Cell Signaling Technology is a trademark of Cell Signaling Technology, Inc.
SimpleChIP is a registered trademark of Cell Signaling Technology, Inc.

12-Tube Magnetic Separation Rack