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Iodoacetamide, PTMScan® Qualified
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Iodoacetamide, PTMScan® Qualified #88931

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Chemical structure of iodoacetamide.

Product Usage Information

1. Weigh out 95mg of iodoacetamide and protect from light.

2. Add reverse osmosis deionized (RODI) water or equivalent to a final volume of 5 ml immediately before use.

Note: The iodoacetamide solution should be prepared fresh prior to each experiment.


Store lyophilized powder at 4°C, desiccated and protected from light.

Product Description

Iodoacetamide is recommended for use in our PTMScan® protocols when making tissue or cell lysates just prior to the digestion steps.


Greater than or equal to 99%

Molecular Formula:



Iodoacetamide is a useful alkylating reagent that modifies cysteine residues so that they can no longer create disulfide linkages. This prevents proteins from refolding and helps to keep them in their primary linear structure to better enable protease digestion and peptide sequencing. This is an irreversible reaction and can also be used for inactivation of enzymes or improved resolution by electrophoresis, where disulfide bonds could potentially reform.

For Research Use Only. Not For Use In Diagnostic Procedures.

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