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Product Usage Information

Storage: Store at room temperature.

Product Description

Nitrocellulose Membrane Dimensions: 7 X 8.5 cm, Pore Size: 0.2 μm, Binding Capacity: 90 μg/cm2


100% pure nitrocellulose.

Nitrocellulose Sandwiches from Cell Signaling Technology® are pre-packaged sandwiches consisting of a precut nitrocellulose membrane and 2 sheets of 0.34 mm thick blotting paper. Intended to provide convenience and time savings, they are also validated for use in CST's Western Blot protocol and are the preferred membrane used by Cell Signaling Technology scientists.

Nitrocellulose Sandwiches are ideal for binding proteins of all molecular weights; the 0.2 μm pore size ensures high retention of low molecular weight proteins, even below 20 kDa. Nitrocellulose Sandwiches are suitable for most common transfer methods including tank, semi-dry, and vacuum blotting. This product is also suitable for colorimetric, fluorescent, and chemiluminescent detection. For chemiluminescent detection, CST recommends HRP based systems. Unlike PVDF, nitrocellulose does not require a methanol pre-wetting step.

For Research Use Only. Not For Use In Diagnostic Procedures.
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Nitrocellulose Sandwiches