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PTMScan® Discovery Proteomic Services

PTMScan Discovery Proteomic Services Workflow

PTMScan® Discovery allows discovery of hundreds to thousands of novel sites of post-translational modification (PTM) in a single LC-MS/MS run.

PTMScan Discovery features

  • Antibody enrichment of PTM-containing peptides using PTM and motif antibodies developed by CST
  • LC-MS/MS for quantitative analysis of enriched peptides
  • Can be used on samples from many different species including, but not limited to, human, mouse, rat, Drosophila, and Arabidopsis

If you prefer to perform your own peptide enrichment and LC-MS/MS, see the list of our PTMScan Antibody Kits.

Perform follow-up on many candidates identified in PTMScan Discovery by using modification state-specific and total protein antibodies from CST, which are produced and validated in-house for multiple applications.