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Proteomics Analytical Services

Proteomics Analytical Services

The Cell Signaling Technology® (CST®) Services team can perform qualitative and quantitative profiling of proteins or sites of post-translational modification in your samples. CST scientists consult with you throughout the project from initial planning to delivery of a comprehensive data package, ensuring your goals are achieved.



Targeting Proteomics to Decipher Biology for the Drug Development Pipeline

Proteomics Discovery Services: Understand the Identity and Role of Post-translational Modifications in your Samples

  • Pathway Mapping Service - Your proteomics results are mapped onto canonical pathways and new interaction networks using Qiagen Ingenuity® Pathway Analysis software. Please inquire for more information.

Total Proteomics Services: Quantify and Compare Protein Expression Across Samples

  • TMT10plex™ Profiling Services - Profile protein abundance by multiplexed sample labeling and analysis. (Available for customers based in the US, UK and EU only.)

Targeted Proteomics Services: Know What’s Happening with Your Specific Protein

TMT10plex™ is a trademark of Thermo Fisher.