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PathScan® ELISA (Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay) Kits

PathScan® ELISA kits and reagents let you measure a wide range of key cell signaling proteins for your research and drug discovery campaigns. We’ve identified the antibody pairs with optimal activity in solid-phase ELISA and done the assay development and validation up front to make sure your results are accurate and consistent across the length of your project.

  • In-house CST testing processes make sure results are reproducible across lots and users.
  • Validated for specificity; detect low amounts of target protein from cell and tissue lysates.
  • Kits come with everything you need to start running assays; matched phosphorylation-specific and total protein kits are available for many targets.
  • Colorimetric and chemiluminescent detection options are available.

PathScan® ELISA kits are based on the traditional solid-phase, sandwich-based ELISA method. Our FastScan ELISA kits are similar in performance, sensitivity and dynamic range as traditional ELISA but use solution-based assays with fewer steps for faster time to results. Compare kits.



PathScan® ELISA Products

Bulk and 384-well Packaging

Bulk packaging for PathScan® ELISA kits and reagents is available upon request.

Additionally, PathScan® kits may be available in 384-well formats, which use less buffer and smaller sample volumes, increasing the number of possible data points per experiment. Colorimetric kits include plates with clear walls; chemiluminescent kits use plates with opaque white walls. Plate bottoms are clear and can be used with both bottom and top plate readers. To order, please please contact CST's sales department for processing time and pricing.

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Shelf-life of PathScan® ELISA Kits

Most of CST's PathScan® ELISA kits are packaged with detection antibody and HRP-conjugated secondary antibody in a lyophilized format. However, a portion are still produced in the traditional liquid format, as lyophilization affects their performance. Note that the lyophilized ELISA kits are denoted by product numbers ending in the letter C (e.g. 7822C) and have a shelf life of 1 year from the reference date on each kit. The liquid format kits, denoted by product numbers ending in the letter S, have a shorter shelf life of 6 months from the reference date listed on the kit.

For any bulk orders, you have the option of ordering the lyophilized format or the traditional liquid format. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact CST technical support.