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2015 CSR Report

A report on our sustainable practices as citizens of our local and global communities.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Cell Signaling Technology (CST) understands the importance of conserving the earth’s precious natural resources, while maintaining a social responsibility to our employees and the communities where we operate. At CST we acknowledge that our actions have a direct impact on the planet and that we take more from nature than we give back. We may never attain a truly “sustainable” relationship with nature but we try hard to minimize our impact and engage in a process of ongoing improvement that respects the environment and recognizes the social fabric that connects us all.

CST recognizes that people will always be our most important asset. Providing a safe, inclusive and stimulating working environment that understands the importance of diversity, human dignity and meaningful work is as important as establishing company policies that incorporate excellent health insurance, and pay benefits. Engaging our employees in committees and philanthropy that benefit the environment and our local communities helps maintain loyalty and long-term work relationships.

Our social responsibilities also involve partnerships with local schools, art organizations, non-profit charities and environmental organizations.