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Corporate Social Responsibility

At CST we believe in the power of science to help us meet some of the big challenges ahead. Science is our passion, and our mission is to find answers to critical questions about disease that have the potential to raise the quality of life for everyone. As we go about our business and try to achieve these important goals, we cannot ignore the important link we have with each other, our local communities, and the planet as a whole. As good corporate citizens, we are able to promote economic growth while also maintaining the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility.

Employee and Community Engagement

CST provides an engaging, innovative, safe, and exciting work environment where diversity, inclusion, and respect form the cornerstones of our corporate culture. Engaging our employees in volunteerism, and involving them in corporate philanthropy not only strengthens CST, but also supports community organizations involved in social and environmental justice.

Environmental Commitment and Sustainability

CST’s Green Committee dates back to the founding of the company, and our commitment to the environment has never been stronger. CST’s sustainability programs are well-recognized in the biopharma industry. We maintain an award-winning Alternative Transportation Program, and our environmental legacy is known throughout the surrounding communities. Our long-term sustainability goals seek to align our company with some of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals outlined by the United Nations. (

A highly educated workforce fuels the success of our scientific footprint. Thus we rely on public and private schools to inspire the next generation of scientists. One way we can make a difference is to help relieve some of the debt that students take on during their first four years of college. We hope to provide guidance to students in their senior year of high school in choosing a path that could help nurture their interest in science, while at the same time providing a sense of financial security for their college years. Public high schools in six communities in Boston's North Shore have been selected to participate in the scholarship program. Eligibility requirements, applications, and more information can be found on our CST Science Scholarship page.

Our social and environmental responsibilities involve partnerships with local schools, art organizations, nonprofit charities, and environmental organizations through out Grants Program.